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Teft Media Is Data Analysis Optimization Return

Today’s media strategy requires an integrated solution. It is the connected consumer utilizing multiple devices that are interwoven within their daily activities that drive this need. Utilizing data to better understand consumer interaction and the how, why and when is key to strategic planning in today’s convoluted ad environment.

Media Strategy

We collaborate, plot, plan, negotiate, implement and optimize your media campaign

Traditional Media

Television, radio and print placement and evaluation utilizing a foundation of data analysis

Digital Engagement

Let us help you navigate the digital spectrum. Lean on our digital video and social media expertise to help with your integrated campaign

About Teft Media

Teft Media

A customer solution that meets the requirements of modern media by providing purpose along the consumer trail is where our media company excels. We lean on the data and we lean on the media experts, while our customers focus on delivering the best products and services. Teft Media is the partnership that results in a win-win scenario.

30+ Years Experience

In today's complex media environment, we must rely on specialists to analyze, decipher and recommend solutions that help the business grow. There is no organization that provides a one stop solution. Smart organizations bring resources together to benefit the client.

Teft Media expertise resides in digital, social and traditional media leveraged with industry experts that support data based solutions. A sophisticated market necessitates that we work together to grow your business. Let Teft Media be your conduit to growth.

Teft Media Knows Your Customer

Consumer research and influencers impact the decisions made along the customer trail and drive buying behavior. Due to key decision-making moments along the trail, a steadfast presence of your products and services will garner the best results.

The foundation for targeting your potential customers is built on data defined research; just like consumer behavior. Let us help you influence the consumer along the trail.

Over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience with NBC, Time Warner Cable and Comcast Spotlight

Tim Corken

Tim Corken has over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience with NBC, Time Warner Cable and Comcast Spotlight. He has not only been an intense business leader focused on customer success, but has extensive client experience in automotive and retail. Additionally, Tim oversaw the politcal business for Oregon, Washington and Minnesota. Planning, strategy, pricing, inventory and business growth expertise have been contributors to his success. Tim has extensive understanding of addressable advertising, Polk Data usage and analysis, agnostic video and digital video applications in the exercise of a media mix.

Tim knows television like the back of his hand. He knows how to build effective schedules, get the lowest rates and in turn the biggest return on your investment. Leverage his enormous amount of experience.

  • GM, LDOS, ASM, LSM, AE for Comcast Spotlight for 26+ years. Included management roles with Time Warner Cable and Jones Intercable.
  • NBC and Independent Broadcast Production and Traffic
  • University of Notre Dame MBA / Colorado State University BS/BA
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