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Another Great Partnership…Teft Media is the Preferred Marketing Agency for
Spas of Oregon, Midnight Sun Spas and Spas of Montana
“Teft Media has become our preferred media and digital partner. They have helped my businesses get the most out of dealing with media vendors. At the same time, they have simplified my life and saved me money. I would highly recommend giving them a call” 
Brian Wasik – Owner 
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Over 50 years of advertising and marketing experience

50+ Years Experience

In today's complex media environment, we must rely on specialists to analyze, decipher and recommend solutions that help the business grow

Digital Engagement

Let us help you navigate the digital spectrum. Lean on our digital and social media expertise to help with your integrated campaign

Media Strategy

We collaborate, plot, plan, negotiate, implement and optimize your media campaign.


We design and custom develop websites with intention by using our innovative approaches. Our conversion-centric websites drive sales and leads for your business


Our transparent SEO services are data-driven with a comprehensive strategic plan and research to increase your online presence and help grow your business

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Turning the Corner

Today’s media strategy requires an integrated solution. It is the connected consumer utilizing multiple devices that are interwoven within their daily activities that drives this need. It’s a multiscreen and multichannel world.

Utilizing data to better understand consumer interaction and the how, why, where and when is key to strategic planning in today’s convoluted ad environment.  We partner with you and based on your constraints find the right solutions to meet your objectives.

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We analyze data using real-time - next day - competitive sales information to drive decisions at the zip code level. Gauge ROI then optimize on the fly to improve results.
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Studying and gaining insight reflects our approach. Remaining nimble and creative, based on the market, delivers the results.
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While you may have people in place, it still may be necessary to get an outside perspective. Don’t be afraid to go there. Nothing beats experience.
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Content Creation

Content Creation

We help create the right message to reach your defined audience. You can have a great media strategy but if the creative is poor then it really doesn't matter what you bought.
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Our leadership team provides personalized service while lending a wealth of experience to your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your company.